Attache de Press

In addition to introducing international brands to the Japanese market, we work with clients to find the most effective media and publicity strategy for increasing sales in the highly competitive Japanese market. We know that it isn’t just about getting featured in a magazine, but establishing your brand and driving sales.

Our services include

Publicity and promotion for international fashion brands, blogger outreach, product coordination for use in magazine photo shoots, tv shows, and other media outlets. We also are able to set up retail promotions, establish short and long term partnerships with Japanese retailers/bloggers/celebrities, and assist with distribution.
We can also gift our clients’ products to Japanese celebrities, who are very influential with consumer buying trends.

PR Showroom

Our PR showroom is located in the center of Tokyo in the trendsetting Shibuya district, just minutes from Omotesando, Daikanyama, Ebisu, and Aoyama. With its central location, the showroom is easily accessible by car - an important factor for Japanese stylists and media professionals.
Magazines, bloggers, TV and other media professionals frequently visit the DGN Showroom. We have built a reputation that makes us first in mind for media professionals and stylists when it comes to trendsetting international brands.