DGN, Inc

DGN is a media and public relations company that specializes in promoting international brands to the highly competitive Japanese market. The company has offices in both Tokyo and Los Angeles, along with a PR Showroom located in the heart of Shibuya, Japan’s trendiest fashion district. The company’s success is based on its extensive connections and personal relationships in the fashion industry. When it comes to imported international brands, DGN is the go-to company for Japan’s top fashion magazines, stylists, TV and film professionals, and influential bloggers.

Magazines we work with: VOGUE, Sweet, Gina, with, ar, JILLE, Spring, MORE, VOGUE girl, NYLON, ViVi, GISELe, GLAMOROUS, ELLE girl, JJ, Ray, CanCam, AneCan, Scawaii, Scawaii, BLENDA, Popteen, Nuts, mina, Fine, Edge Style, JELLY, FUDGE, Ginza, Saita, MISS,Domani, CUTiE, saita, DECOLOG, and GIRL. DGN also produces the popular RAW-GIRLS.com website.